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I know.  It seems like Spring outside and everyone is happy as clams.  But, remember when it was completely freezing just a few days ago?  Like, take your breath away.  Yep, I do.  Mostly because amidst that cold was the stunning wedding of Jessica and Zack.

I am so happy to have been a part of this winter wedding.  Snowy days like this are just oozing with romance.  Maybe it’s the coziness, the twinkling lights, and the white covered ground.  Maybe, for this day, it was all those stunning details this couple added.  The hot chocolate bar from a dream.  The beautiful location of  GATHER on Broadway.  The furs, the flower crowns and winter blooms providing so much eye candy.  Whatever it was, the cold melted away, these two held their breath together and braved the below zero temperatures.  The day was all winter perfection.

I also just had to mention the sweetness these two share.  At one point, he mentioned to me that he rewrote the letter he gave her that morning, probably 17 times.  He needed not only his words, but his delivery, to be perfect for her.  I mean, how romantic is that!?!


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AHHHH!!! My excitement to share this wedding is HUGE.  A surprise wedding.  New Years Eve.  THE SWEETEST, most kind and loving couple.  Ridiculously surprised guests.  Sooooo much fun.

Traci and Sam have been meticulously planning a secret wedding.  They have been engaged for a while, but no one knew!  He (they – lol) sent out invitations for a surprise party to their closest family and friends.  All the guests thought Sam was going to be proposing on New Years Eve and they were traveling from all over the county to surprise Traci for a party that night.  WRONG.  The joke was on them.

As their guests arrived, one my one, they were filled with joy, laughter, screams and tears.  They were all soooo shocked that they were supposed to grab a glass of bubbly and immediately find a seat.  They were about to witness the wedding!  Watching the confusion was priceless.  People could not wrap their minds around it.  Half of them first said… “WAIT!  Does she know she’s getting married?!”  Tooooo funny.  There was even a couple ladies who turned to their men and said, “oh GREAT… you are wearing jeans to a wedding!!!”  So much laughter and fun.

These two.  They are THE BEST.  I know their closest would agree.  They built and reside in their own tiny house, but live LARGELY.  Obviously.  I can’t wait to see their life.  It can’t be anything but the sweetest.

PS!  THE CANNERY PUBLIC MARKET was amazing!  Great new venue for an intimate wedding!

Floral: Petal Pushers – stunning winter florals!

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Little Anna – Newborn Session

Baby Anna has arrived and is officially my first shoot from when our own sweet baby was born.  In reality, Alex and Matt are our friends that we consider family.  We love them dearly.  So, of course, I would sneak in a shoot to celebrate their new arrival – even if if I was wearing baby June the entire time!  Momma life! lol

Little Katherine has stolen the hearts of so many on our blog.  She’s seriously one of the most beautiful girls I have ever laid eyes on.  Well, her mini me is here!  Time to share the spotlight.  Anna really is a mini K, only, possibly, a bit calmer… at least at 2 weeks old.

Huge congrats to Matt and Alex!  Your sweet family is such a blessing.



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Junes newborn session

Moment of truth.  We are terrible at actually getting our family photos done.  I know, it’s awful.  But, we did it.  Annnnd, I might be addicted now.

I’m so in love with these photos.  My beautiful family.  My everything.

And, yes, is it stressful getting everyone ready and to behave?  YEP!  I get it mommas! But, nothing a little a moscow mule can’t handle for mommy, daddy and the talented Karen Ann Photography.

I promise to start posting shoots again soon.  But, for now, baby heaven over here.

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The arrival of June Ireland Hanson

A few snaps from one of the happiest days in our lives.  As much as we planned her arrival, even scheduling an early induction, June, and God, had another plan for her arrival. Their own timing, and it could not have been more perfect.  My labor was pretty much as easy as they come, thankfully!  But, then again, I love labor… I know, I’m super strange.  I just think it’s one of the most amazing moments in life.

The best part is Lucy and Rubys faces, holding her for the first time.  SOOOO much crazy sister LOVE! 

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