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Stephanie & Eli THE WEDDING

Abandoned farms and random flower fields… my kind of wedding day.

I have been looking forward to Stephanie and Elis wedding for a long time. They have the most gorgeous outlook on life.  Both of their personalities are extraordinarily beautiful.  They laugh from their souls and I LOVE that.  Plus, add in all the fun details included HUNDREDS of succulents adorning the reception.  Ahhh,  LOVE-LOVE-LOVE!

I had to share one funny moment from the day.  When I told the driver of of  bus (the biggest bus I have ever seen- complete with real horns coming off the front) to pull over at an old barn, he listened.  I asked him to not drive too close to the house because there were a pair of slacks hanging from the line and I thought it may have meant someone COULD??? still live there.  He opened the door of the bus and said, “you have permission to be here, right?”  I jumped off and responded, “nope!  but isn’t it so amazing!”  lol…


to view ALL of Stephanie & Elis Wedding click here:  STEPHANIE & ELI  (register and receive notification once released by the couple)

April Gebheim - July 25, 2012 - 1:59 pm

These images beam with the wonderful blessings of matramony and the bliss of the day! ALMOST feels like I was there. Thank you for sharing!

way - July 27, 2012 - 8:07 am

These are someof the nicest wedding pictures I have seen!
These will be a blessing to all-and the part is
MEMORIES! wow-be proud of them—-
all the happiness to you all……way

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